How to use the contact_form_message hook in Jetpack

The Jetpack Contact Form gives us a hook to filter what gets sent via email after a successful form submission but the documentation is not very helpful as it doesn’t provide an example. To top that the Comments are closed for the article. For details refer to the Jetpack Contact Form Message Hook page.

Copy the code below into a child theme’s functions.php file or a functionality plugin to append the value of $new_text to the end of the email.

Please change the value of $new_text to whatever you like.

Use Cases: You could use this hook to create a link to internal documentation or company policy.

Note: You need to check the email of the WordPress administrator, not the person sending the email, to notice the change.

function dd_change_successful_contact_form_submission_email_message($text){
$new_text = '<p>Text to add after email message. <a href="" target="_blank">Visit!</a></p>';
$text = $text . $new_text;
return $text;
add_filter ('contact_form_message', 'dd_change_successful_contact_form_submission_email_message');

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5 Services Hosted on Automattic Servers

If you are not familiar with what Automattic is. It’s is the company behind

When I first learned about and how it differed from, one of the things I noticed is that hosts all of its sites on Automattic Inc, but what I learned later is that Automattic hosts more than one service on its servers. I’ve compiled a list of 5 website services that Automattic hosts on its servers. If you know of any more or you find an error, let us know in the comments.

Why do I need to know it?

If you’ve been part of the WordPress community for a while and are passionate about WordPress, it might be of interest to you. Another reason could be to improve your general knowledge.

How to verify?

To verify that the services below are hosted on Automattic, open this Domain Name Registration Data Lookup tool then copy and paste the root domain of each URL (without the https://) into the search field in the new tab and press enter. Scroll down to Contact Information. Under that, you’ll find the Registrant then Organization.If it says Automattic, Inc, We know, it’s hosted on Automattic’s servers.


Tumblr is a microblogging service that’s fun and engaging. is a flavor of hosted by Automattic.


VaultPress is the security and backup solution by Automattic. On a self-hosted WordPress site, you would need to install and configure the VaultPress plugin to use the service.


Simplenote is a simple note-taking application that works in the web browser and mobile phones.


WordPress VIP is the enterprise offering from


VIP Go is the newest hosting package from VIP.

Is the Mother of Our Lord the Last Eve?

The mother of our Lord is not the last Eve since our Lord is the last Adam read 1 Corinthians 15:45. For the mother of our Lord to be the last Eve, the first Adam should have been the son of the first Eve and not his spouse.  Another way Our Lord’s mother could or would be the last Eve is if her husband Joseph was the last Adam.